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Legal issues and privacy concerns are part of life, especially in these times. LegalShield and IDShield are here to help you address these needs with easy, affordable plans. Click the button below and ask us for more information about how LegalShield and IDShield can ease your mind.


LegalShield protects and empowers families, individuals, and small businesses by offering affordable access to legal services. The new and enhanced legal plans now give our members access to a designated law firm, at a fraction of the cost of what most lawyers charge per hour.


IDShield has added the additional member benefit of automatic monitoring – members will begin to receive credit and internet monitoring as soon as they sign up. Members will be routinely encouraged and reminded to sign in to their accounts and add additional personal identity and financial information for monitoring. Have the peace of mind knowing that as soon as you’ve completed enrollment, basic monitoring has begun. The IDShield Vault mobile application is also included with every IDShield membership. This powerful app securely manages a member’s username and passwords on all of thier digital devices.

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If you have been denied disability benefits before, you will most likely be denied again. Don't give up!

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