Since 1996, James Lake & Associates, LLC has successfully won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our deserving clients.

Our professional representation ensures that you receive fair consideration of your condition and also acts to help reduce the stress and worry which so often occurs when applying for benefits.

My Story

I have personally experienced how an uncompensated disability can hurt a family financially. When I was in middle school, my father became disabled due to a car accident. That single life event put the burden of support for the family solely on my mother. Due to those circumstances and my mother’s ability to handle them, I developed a strong work ethic. From my disable father, I learned compassion, especially for those who are truly disabled.

After graduating from college I began working in the mental health industry – first as a medication nurse, then as a case manager. It was while I was working as a case manager at Hillview Mental Health Center, that I became aware of the frustration and heartbreak some of my clients endured, as they struggled with the red tape and complications of trying to get their deserved and desperately needed benefits. Not knowing where else to turn for help, they came to me.

Not being familiar with the process at that point, I approached my supervisor, who encouraged me to enroll in training provided by the county. Upon completion, I used my newly acquired knowledge and leveraged my frontline experience working with all types of clients applying, and often times re-applying, to receive their social security disability benefits.

I began guiding my clients through the overwhelming, complicated paperwork and rules of the Social Security Benefits system. It was gratifying when my clients were finally able to get their benefits and get on with their lives with dignity.

One of my greatest joys came when Joe S., who had been struggling for years to get his benefits, came to me for representation. Upon seeing his case settled, he brought me a bouquet of flowers to thank me for improving his life. Since then, I have represented many clients and have enabled them to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits.

With over 22 years of experience, I have extensive knowledge of the social security benefits system, which helps me to guide an applicant from the initial application all the way through to the Administrative Law Judge level.

My personal experience and love for community service is what drives me to represent individuals who are applying for benefits.

How may I be of service to you?

Janice James

We Can Help!

If you have been denied disability benefits before, you will most likely be denied again. Don't give up!

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